The MARCH FOR LIFE will take place on April 21, 2024 at Place Poelaert

The 2024 March for Life will take place on April 21th!

  • Apr 21, 2024;
  • 2:00 p.m.;
  • Brussels, probably at Place Poelaert, in front of our big and famous courthouse, but is still to be confirmed in consultation with the local authorities.

Why we march

Faced with recent attempts to radically transform our society by embedding the "rights" to abortion and euthanasia into the Belgian Constitution, our march becomes a battle cry for all those who defend the sanctity of life.

This year, our fight takes on a new dimension. While some seek to cast in stone laws that undermine fundamental respect for human life, we respond with an unprecedented mobilization. We march to say no to the culture of death, no to extending abortion conditions up to 18 weeks, no to shortening reflection periods, and no to trivializing euthanasia.

We are at a historical turning point. Proposals to enshrine abortion and euthanasia as inalienable rights in our Constitution threaten to irreversibly change the moral fabric of our nation. In this reality, silence means consent. We must act.

Join the March for Life for a demonstration of unity, strength, and hope. Our message is clear: every life is invaluable, from conception to natural end. We offer an alternative of compassion, love, and support for people in distress, promoting a culture that welcomes and celebrates life in all its forms.

Let's be the change we want to see. Come with your banners, your voice, and your passion. Let's mobilize to protect the most vulnerable and to influence the future of our country. Your presence matters. Together, we can build a Belgium that proudly affirms the right to life and resists pressures to normalize the unthinkable.

For life, for dignity, for our shared future, let's march together on April 21. This is the moment to take a stand, to be heard, and to affirm our unwavering commitment to life. Join CLARA Life for a historic day of testimony and action. Your courage makes the difference.