We mobilize, even when in quarantine due to COVID-19!

Even confined, we can still mobilize to defend the lives of the most vulnerable. But this year, we will mobilize in another way!

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, it is difficult to physically mobilize this year to defend the lives of the most vulnerable. What a desappointment ! Maybe for you, but certainly for us! The highlight of our year cannot be realized as we would have liked...

 But rest assured, we will still mobilize. We could not do otherwise! Particularly this year, marked by very dangerous legislative proposals concerning abortion and euthanasia! That is why, we invite you to mobilize anyway and participate in three actions!

  1. Write a personal letter to a Member of Parliament;

  2. Make a video in which you say the short sentence "For respect for life too, I applaud";

  3. Solidarity action: collect baby clothes, pampers and we will gather them from you, or make a transfer to our bank account. All donations go to family assistance centers. We will give you more information in the coming days.

Your letter to a member of parliament would ideally be personal (as a mother, father, caregiver, doctor, or simply a concerned citizen, ...) and handwritten. When a parliamentarian receives two or three handwritten letters, he begins to say: "There is a problem!". Your letter should also not be too long, one page maximum (the back is not read). Avoid any form of aggression and any link with particular organizations in matters of bioethics. You are the one speaking! We have a list of MPs who could be sensitive to such a letter and who could change their vote. Send us an e-mail with your place of residence, and we will send you some names of representatives. Together, we have an influence on public debate and on voting!

Concerning the Confinement Challenge (2) and the solidarity action (3), we will give you more information in the coming days.

Stay informed by email: http://eepurl.com/dnG6XT and stay following the page under 'practical info'!