2020 - All Together for Life [COVID-19]

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Even during the corona crisis, we were able to mobilize to protect the lives of the weakest. Normally we would have organized our annual March for Life, but this year we obviously had to do it differently. We have proposed three actions.

To announce that the March for Life, which was scheduled for April 26, could not take place physically due to the spread of the coronavirus, was a huge disappointment! Maybe for you, but certainly for us! The highlight of our year could not have come true as we would have liked ...

But rest assured, we have still mobilized. We could not have done otherwise! Especially this year. Why? Because this year, it has been 30 years since the first law was passed which (partially) decriminalized abortion (the law of April 3, 1990). And this year was also marked by very dangerous bills concerning abortion and euthanasia! Life, the weak, women, the elderly, the disabled, the suffering, the medical profession, freedom of conscience, have all been attacked. We are the last to publicly oppose it in this country. It was then even more important than ever to make our voices heard again. This is why we proposed to mobilize ourselves anyway and participate in three actions!

Write a personal letter to a Member of Parliament

We invited you to write the main reasons for your opposition to the proposed abortion law in a letter to a member of the federal parliament. Finally, 200 short handwritten and personal letters were written.


2. Confinement Challenge 

On social media we can see various initiatives by people who show solidarity with the victims of the coronavirus, caregivers, etc. We also we have expressed our solidarity for the victims of abortion and euthanasia! We might think that the lockdown prevents abortion and euthanasia. On the contrary, these have always remained possible, and women and those in need are increasingly left alone to make this dramatic decision. So it was impossible to wait until the end of the lockdown to defend Life, and this year in particular, marked by very dangerous legislative proposals on abortion and euthanasia!

Therefore hunderds of people sent us a video in which they say this sentence: "Pour le respect de la Vie aussi, j'applaudis" in French, or "Ook uit respect voor elk leven, klap ik even" in Dutch. All the videos have been put together into one great movie that goes around the world. Watch the video below.

3. Solidarity action

We collected baby clothes, pampers and received transfers to our bank account. All donations went to family assistance centers. On this page we will give you more information in the coming days.


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