2022 - March for Life of April 24th

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In May it will be 20 years ago that euthanasia was allowed in Belgium. Since then, 24,522 declarations of euthanasia have been registered. Euthanasia has been legalized for minors and some politicians want to allow it for people who cannot express their will. This way, the dignity of the elderly, people with dementia or who suffer from depression, disabled or sick people is systematically violated. It has also become clear in recent years that the Euthanasia Evaluation Committee doesn't function properly and that the concept of psychological suffering is becoming increasingly vague. That is why some psychiatrists advocate a ban on euthanasia for psychological suffering.

20 years of euthanasia in Belgium

The March for Life asks:

  • that the Evaluation Committee on Euthanasia is reformed, so that it becomes possible to effectively control the euthanasia performed (and that, for example, it becomes impossible for the doctors-committee members to evaluate their own procedures, which is currently not the case). In the same vein, we ask that the requirement of a ¾ majority of the committee members to refer a procedure to the public prosecutor's office be reduced to ¼;
  • that it is prohibited to perform euthanasia in the case of psychological suffering, because it cannot be established whether psychological suffering is incurable, untreatable or hopeless. We also ask for better follow-up and concrete support for people who suffer from this;
  • that any plan to allow euthanasia for people with dementia is simply abandoned because these individuals are unable to give their consent and it is not up to us to decide the value of their lives;
  • that more emphasis is placed on palliative care, which is a more humane alternative. That the suffering people are really surrounded and followed. That support professions are being revalued to help build a truly more dignified world for tomorrow.

E. Macron: the « right to abortion » must be inscribed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

On January 19, 2022, French President Macron called for "the right to abortion" to be inscribed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union for the reason that it'd be a "European value".

The March for Life and CLARA Life in collaboration with the European organization One of Us asks:

  • that the European Union absolutely stays within the scope of its own competences, and respects the national sovereignty and the established principle of subsidiarity. Abortion regulations is an exclusive competence of the EU Member States;
  • that the European Union is abandoning all plans to include abortion as a right in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, knowing that there is or cannot be a 'fundamental right to abortion', which contradicts the internationally established right to life;
  • that the European Union, if it wants to look into the question of abortion, put in place real solutions, a real alternative to abortion (material aid, daycare in companies, real sex education, etc.), so that both the unborn child and women in their maternity benefit from a genuine protection.


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